About Me

I bring all aspects of business, fundraising and program development to organizations looking to strengthen their overall performance.  I evaluate and create strategies for an organization's sales, marketing, grant and fundraising initiatives, events, and the programs already in place, determining what the organization can do to be more efficient at all levels.   I have worked at every level of an organization from the ground floor to the penthouse, and have walked the path to know what works and what does not. I provide the NURTURING and the KNOWLEDGE that allows an organization to serve more people, every day, and create teams and working environments that staff and colleagues enjoy coming to and being a part of.

I am the editor of dozens of manuscripts for well known authors and the average person who wants to get their message out there.  I have received many awards for social media content creation and management, and have my finger on the pulse of where social media marketing is heading and where your potential clients are hiding. 


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